Seeking Intermediate- to Senior-Level JavaScript Engineer

Hiring an Intermediate- to Senior-Level JavaScript Engineer to work alongside a team of developers building interactive education software.


  • 4+ years developing in JavaScript
  • React experience a plus
  • Additional experience in other languages also a plus
  • Help architect software
  • Work for a profitable, yet small and growing business
  • Mentor other developers
  • Competitive salary, unbeatable health care, and flexible PTO

What we're looking for

Banzai is hiring an Intermediate- to Senior-Level JavaScript Engineer to work alongside a team of developers building interactive education software. This is not an architectural position, however, you will often be expected to contribute to the architectural design of several front-end applications.

What you will do

As an engineer at Banzai, you will work on all of the following applications:

  • The Coach, a proprietary engine for building interactive courses;
  • Analytics tools for teachers, banks, and credit unions;
  • The Wellness Center, a community-facing education portal;
  • Sophisticated internal tooling; and
  • A yet-to-be-announced greenfield product for helping employees in small- to mid-sized businesses gain a deeper understanding of their company's benefits.

This position is not principally an architect's position, however, you will regularly be expected to contribute to the design, and execution, of several front-end applications.

It is also likely you will learn to work on our back-end applications in other programming languages.

What we expect

All of the skills below are desirable, but Banzai will judge your qualifications on balance. We hope you'll have:

  • At least 4 years of professional experience in JavaScript
  • Experience with React or similar front-end library
  • Ability to develop front-end applications from scratch
  • Experience with additional programming languages (as a plus)

What we're offering

Our goal is to make sure you're not worried about benefits:

Our Product team offers a competitive salary, reviewed every six months. We don't like offer wars, and you shouldn't have to switch jobs for a raise. Every six months we'll discuss your pay in a simple performance review. It's common for employees to get raises at each review, assuming the company is growing and you're regularly hitting expectations.

Best of all we offer (Canadian-style) full-health care coverage. We cover ~95% of your insurance premium, and all of your out-of-pocket expenses via a reimbursable account. Our insurance offers the widest health care network in Utah, including vision and dental. You will get access to a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), letting you purchase things like eyeglasses and over-the-counter medications tax free.

Paid time off (PTO) is very flexible. We recommend three business weeks per year, in addition to a generous holiday schedule. There is, however, no technical limit inasmuch as it is approved with your manager and you're regularly hitting company goals.

We offer a 401(k) with a generous 5% match. Half of your employer contributions will vest in one year, the remainder in two. It will give you access to a large number of investment options. We are, after all, a financial education company.

You will be eligible for company stock options. The options plan is simple and straightforward, with a four-year vesting schedule. When your options vest, you will have the opportunity to buy them and become an owner of company stock, if you choose.

Banzai may also, depending on a goal set with your manager, set you up with a phone and company-paid service.

Additional benefits include life and disability insurance, food and drinks on company premises, and other fringes. Should you become a parent (either for the first time or again!), you will have access to plenty of paid leave.

You will have a private cubicle at our headquarters, and you may work from home one day per week, if you choose.

Finally, while strong benefits are essential to Banzai's compensation package, more importantly, you will have varied and interesting opportunities to grow in your career and assume meaningful responsibility. You will be expected to learn new things on your own, but we also make time for training. Leadership opportunities are not uncommon.

Tell me about the company

Banzai is a small, privately held technology company dedicated to helping people become wise stewards of their finances through online solutions and local partnerships. We employ over 50 professionals in management, sales, sponsor relations, support, public relations, and product development.

Tell me about the culture

Banzai's culture marries a high level of trust and flexibility with equally high levels of responsibility. We place important jobs on our employees' shoulders, even juniors. For leadership, we tend to promote from within.

We ask you to bring your best self to work.

Meeting these high expectations also earns you a great deal of freedom. At Banzai we don't count hours, nor do we set your schedule. (Although it is generally expected that you will work 40 hours per week.) Your personal time is your own; there's plenty of space in the day to take breaks and run errands; and our holiday schedule and PTO policy is generous. Fire drills and late nights are rare.

Owner Operated
Banzai has been in business for nearly 15 years, and the company's co-founders continue to lead it today. While we are aggressively growth-minded, the company is profitable, self-sustaining, and it requires neither debt nor venture funding.

Banzai is unique in the technology industry—our mindset is long-term. No unrealistic growth targets; no investor drama; no chasing unicorns. We aim for steady, reliable growth that compounds over time, making the company more valuable to the owners, and a more lucrative, happier place for employees in the long run.

Oh, and you can be an owner too: every full-time employee receives a stock option grant.

How do I apply?

We want to see what you’ve accomplished. Please send a portfolio and cover letter explaining why you're a great fit to Kendall Buchanan, CTO, kendall [at]

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