Seeking Software Engineering Manager

Help us introduce stronger programming standards, mentor younger developers, and reach higher potential as a company.


  • Manager, or senior-level developer moving to management
  • Direct software engineering for a growing ed-tech firm
  • Functional programming experience a plus
  • Remote (if desired), competitive salary, unbeatable health insurance, and generous PTO

What we're looking for

Senior-level developer looking for management experience, or experienced manager furthering his or her career.

Culturally, we tend to promote from within; for this position, however, we want you to introduce stronger programming standards, mentor younger developers, and generally help us reach bigger goals we have as a company.

What you will do

Banzai's development group consists of three Clojure devs, an architect, and two JavaScript devs, with one more front-end position currently open. You will shape the team according to your own vision; vet and hire future engineers; measure individual performance; and demonstrate how to hit company goals. You will lead by example.

We have two initiatives: create more complex types of interactive software for schools, banks, and credit unions; and complete a greenfield project for small- to mid-size businesses helping employers deepen their employees' understanding of their benefits.

While you will be a manager first, you may also contribute to the code: we believe great managers stay close to the problems their teams face daily. You will report to the Head of Product.

What we expect

You have well-developed opinions about leading people, organizing processes, and writing software.

Our front-end stack is built on JavaScript, with a Clojure backend. While you do not need Clojure experience, familiarity with innovative tooling native to functional programming is a plus (e.g. REPL-driven development, React, Vue, Elm, RxJS, Elixir, F#, etc.).

You have a deep understanding of programming for the web, including monitoring performance, deploying, testing, reviewing code, and generally helping us understand what's required of a company with more developers than we have.

Our architecture

Our software architecture is based around a monolithic repository with several application and worker subsystems running on a PaaS. Three of our web applications are SPAs, and two are server-driven templating engines. The Clojure code has more than 50% test coverage. We use a host of caching mechanisms to help keep the site running at or below 50ms at the 95th percentile.

We hope you will find new ways to help us improve the architecture for the sake of the business.

What we're offering

Our goal is to make sure you're not worried about benefits:

Our product team offers a competitive salary, reviewed every six months. We don't like offer wars, and you shouldn't have to switch jobs for a raise. Every six months we'll discuss your pay in a simple performance review. It's common for employees to get raises at each review, assuming the company is growing and you're regularly hitting expectations.

You may work remotely or join us at our office.

Best of all we offer full-health care coverage. We cover ~95% of your insurance premium, and all of your out-of-pocket expenses via a reimbursable account. You will get access to a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), letting you purchase things like eyeglasses and over-the-counter medications tax free.

Paid time off (PTO) is very flexible. We recommend three business weeks per year, in addition to a generous holiday schedule. There is, however, no technical limit inasmuch as it is approved with your manager and you're regularly hitting company goals.

We offer a 401(k) with a generous 5% match, with a wide variety of investment options. Half of your employer contributions will vest in one year, the remainder in two.

You will be eligible for company stock options. The options plan is simple and straightforward, with a four-year vesting schedule. When your options vest, you will have the opportunity to buy them and become an owner of company stock, if you choose.

You will be set you up with a phone and company-paid service.

Additional benefits include life and disability insurance, food and drinks on company premises, and other fringes. Should you become a parent (either for the first time or again!), you will have access to plenty of paid leave.

Finally, while strong benefits are essential to Banzai's compensation package, more importantly, you will have varied and interesting opportunities to grow in your career and assume meaningful responsibility. You will be expected to learn new things on your own, but we also make time for training.

Tell me about the company

Banzai is an independent, owner-operated technology company dedicated to helping people become wise stewards of their finances through online solutions and local partnerships. We employ over 50 professionals in management, sales, sponsor relations, support, public relations, and product development.

Owner operated

Banzai has been in business for nearly 15 years, and the company's co-founders continue to lead it today. While we are aggressively growth-minded, the company is profitable, self-sustaining, and it requires neither debt nor venture funding.

Banzai is unique in the technology industry—our mindset is long-term. No unrealistic growth targets; no investor drama; no chasing unicorns. We aim for steady, reliable growth that compounds over time, making the company a more lucrative, happier place for employees in the long run.

Oh, and you can be an owner too: every full-time employee receives a stock option grant.

Tell me about the culture

Banzai's culture marries a high level of trust and flexibility with equally high levels of responsibility. We place important jobs on our employees' shoulders, even juniors. For leadership, we tend to promote from within.

We ask you to bring your best self to work.

Meeting these expectations also earns you a great deal of freedom. At Banzai we don't count hours, nor do we set your schedule. (Although it is generally expected that you will work 40 hours per week.) Your personal time is your own; there's plenty of space in the day to take breaks and run errands; and our holiday schedule and PTO policy is generous. Fire drills and late nights are rare.

How do I apply?

We want to see what you’ve accomplished. Please send a portfolio and cover letter explaining why you're a great fit to Kendall Buchanan, CTO, kendall [at]

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