Seeking a Copywriter

To Our Next Copywriter, We want your contribution in creating stories for our growing library of financial literacy products.


Banzai is seeking a creative writer to contribute to a robust and growing library of financial literacy products. This writer will aid in an effort to create stories for Banzai Coach sessions—our main adult financial literacy product—as well as game-like courses, articles, and more.

The ideal candidate is innovative, decisive, and creative with excellent writing ability. Banzai products are written in an approachable, conversational way and backed with far-reaching and objective research; the ability to research and understand a topic deeply enough to easily convey information to others is a must.

What You Will Do

Banzai creates financial education tools for all ages. For adults, these tools help individuals understand their own finances, how to get out of debt, how to plan for retirement, and more. For children and teens, Banzai products are interactive, captivating, and challenging, covering both financial basics and complicated concepts.

All of Banzai's tools are interactive and are built around well designed stories. These stories are created using custom software; we will provide training/onboarding to learn it.

As a Copywriter at Banzai, you will do the following:

  • Concept new stories.
  • Write non-fictional choose-your-own adventure scripts.
  • Write product copy.
  • Learn and use our custom syntax language to create stories.
  • Use minimal code and debugging strategies.
  • Participate in regular reviews with our Curriculum Director.
  • Write marketing copy.

Skills and Qualities of a Banzai Writer

  • Love of, and plenty of experience, writing.
  • Interest in solving complicated problems/puzzles.
  • Willingness to master new skills and software.
  • Ability to follow a copy style guide.
  • Creativity and innovation!

How To Apply

Submit whatever you think best demonstrates why you are Banzai's best choice:

  • Work history
  • Work portfolio—the position has a heavy curriculum angle, however, Banzai products are non-conventional, so general creative writing experience is welcome: journalism, plays, poetry, short stories, novels, and so on. Feel free to submit examples of academic writing, marketing copy, or work for clients as well. Include samples that you think would best represent your writing ability.
  • Cover letter(!) describing why you are a unique fit for Banzai
  • ❗️Submit to Cristi Cash, Project Manager, cristi[at]

About Banzai

For over 12 years, Banzai has built software to teach financial education in over 20,000 schools and to nearly two million children nationwide. Over 750 community banks and credit unions work with us to pay for the courses on behalf of those schools and educators.

Thousands of teachers, and hundreds of thousands of students, use Banzai each semester in class, and at home, on desktop and mobile devices. The program has won national education awards and features prominently in many state educational departments’ recommended resources.
The company employs 40-50 professionals  in management, sales, sponsor relations, support, public relations, and product development.

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